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Welcome to the second episode on this series, Today we take a look at THE NETHERLANDS.
In this video, we will explore different articles, blogs, videos and, more importantly, facts about the European Migration Crisis.

As you can see, the dutch have also decided it is time to raise their voices against the cultural replacement currently underway. Let’s hear some dutch nationals express their opinion

Geert Wilders is a Dutch politician who has been leader of the Party for Freedom since he founded it in 2006. He is the parliamentary leader of his party in the House of Representatives. He has been chased, sued, attacked, and he has been called the Netherlands’ Donald Trump.

It is now commonly known, that refugees in European countries are not happy, even protesting, about the new lives they have been provided with, some want more money, others want more commodities and better living facilities.

Keep in mind all of this is free, paid by the people of the country that received them with arms open. Another common situation is that refugees act violently towards locals and when the police come they claim to be the victims.

We will see the attitude police have in regards to enforcing the law when it comes to refugees in future videos, as well. Here are some videos depicting exactly these situations in The Netherlands.

Regardless of your perspective, regardless of your political affiliation, regardless of your gender, or nationality. There is clearly a problem in countries that have received a high influx of asylum seekers, and economic migrants. In some areas, life -as they knew it- will never be the same again, and the local Dutchmen are worried about what their country might turn into.

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