Urban Photography – Exploring Abandoned St Josephs Orphanage & Hospital

Exploring St Josephs Orphanage in Preston, UK – Highlights

St Josephs Orphanage built and opened 1872 by Maria Holland Trust and run by the Sisters of Charity our Lady Mother of Mercy, nuns that came from Holland to open and run the orphanage.

In World War 1 it housed wounded British and Belgian soliders, and in World War 2 it was used to care for Dutch and Belgian sailors.

Secondly, St Joseph’s Hospital referred to by all the locals as Mount Street Hospital was opened in 1877, again by the Holland Trust, and run by the same order of nuns. Thirdly, the R.C. Chapel designed by James Mangan and opened in 1910 was specially build by money raised for use by the Hospital and the Orphanage.

When the orphanage closed in 1954, the hospital took over the building and built a small link passage to link both buildings. The hospital used the orphanage building as a nursing school and it continued to be the convent for the order of nuns, as it had always been when it was an orphanage.

Another new wing was opened in 1958 by Princess Marina the Duchess of Kent, who was the last foreign-born princess to marry into the British royal family.

The hospital closed in 1986, however all the three buildings were purchased by the present owner who then converted the Orphanage building to be continued as a Nursing Home until around 2003. Since then it has been left Abandoned

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Urban Photography – Exploring Abandoned St Josephs Orphanage & Hospital

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