Auschwitz Concentration Camp // Poland Vlog // Travelling Full Time


0:00 – Intro vlogs + getting our ticket for 4 pm slot for Auschwitz 1
2:06 – Arrival at Birkenau
3:44 – Initial reactions + first vlog
5:10 – “Death road”
7:03 – Replica prisoners barracks and shared toilets
9:29 – The destroyed remains of gas chambers and crematoriums
14:04 – Walking through the “Introductory sauna”
16:38 – Arrival at Auschwitz 1
19:18 – Ivana sharing her thoughts
21:57 – Final thoughts + outro vlog
24:37 – End screen


We spent the day at the Birkenau Extermination Camp (Auschwitz 2), and the Auschwitz Concentration Camp. After some debate, we decided to vlog our experience. We spent the day with our friend Farell Salvador, who has a youtube channel of the same name, and his friend Dinesh, who has been studying in Poland for the past 3 years. We didn’t pay for a guided tour, but effectively, Dinesh was our tour guide.

This was a tough vlog to make. Tough to shoot, tough to narrate, tough to edit, and altogether a very tough day. We learned about some very disturbing and often overwhelming history. We did our best to hide the more startling and disturbing details (and especially photos), although I’m sure some of it will leak through.

We can definitely recommend checking out Birkenau (Auschwitz 2) before Auschwitz. Birkenau is an open area where you can explore at your own pace. Comparatively, it is less shocking and depressing than Auschwitz, although it is certainly still very sad. Experiencing Birkenau can try and help to get you, at least slightly, prepared for the sights and facts of Auschwitz. That being said, there is probably nothing that can really prepare you for Auschwitz.

They won’t let you bring any backpacks in Auschwitz. We arrived at 3:30pm for our 4:00pm time slot, to see a massive line. We got to the front of the line around 4:30pm, and found we couldn’t bring our backpack. So in the end, we entered around 5:00 pm. Just a heads up — check your bag before lining up.

Our experience in Auschwitz was memorable — albeit in a very troubling way. We certainly don’t regret going, and recommend you to travel here. You can do your best to try and mentally prepare yourself, but there will be information and photos you learn/see that will shock you. It’s hard to express the tremendous sorrow and almost embarrassment you feel learning how these people were treated. It’s a lot to take, and altogether hard to absorb.

Thanks for watching our video. We did our best to try and convey some of the lesser extreme details, as well as capture some shots and our raw emotions in a respectful and delicate way. Thank goodness there is nothing comparable happening anymore.

Please check out Farell’s channel here:

Thanks for watching.

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Auschwitz Concentration Camp // Poland Vlog // Travelling Full Time

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