I was told there was this abandoned military facility that included a ‘madhouse’ on a remote hill in the forests of Poland. The building was said to be partly collapsed, but some parts of it would still be accessible.

I have seen many creepy abandoned buildings in my life, but the facilities where they locked up people for many years, are among the scariest places ever. Sometimes you can almost feel the presence of the poor souls who have been locked up there. That of course only applies to the faint of heart;-) Although, I for myself thought the place was creepy as h@ll and it felt close to being haunted!

The trip to get there took a considerable amount of time and it was pretty difficult to find the actual buildings. But when I was there I discovered an entire abandoned city district with many, many abandoned buildings. There were abandoned living quarters, abandoned offices, abandoned storage buildings and lastly, I was able to find and enter the abandoned ‘madhouse’ on the hill.

The whole trip was worth every minute of it! Looking back at my own video I realized how creepy and dangerous the final building was. Glad to be home again! But blood is thicker than water! So I am already planning my next travel adventure!

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