Old mansion of Wallach | URBEX

The old mansion of Wallach is located in Poland

Unusual brick and wooden mansion stands on a hill away from the village center. Despite the sixteenth-century origin did not live to any development, and its history is little known. Niebylec founded courtier and clicker Queen Elizabeth Rakuszanki Nicholas Machowski in 1509. Mansion built either by him or one of his descendants in the sixteenth century. Evidence of this residually preserved Renaissance stonework, including portal with a coat of arms Machowskich – Awdaniec (Abdank). In the mid-seventeenth century manor rebuilt in the Baroque style Janusz Romer. Then the owners were Pieniążek, Lempicki (XVIII-XIX c.), The most famous inhabitant of the mansion was Cajetan Janusz Łempicki who bravely fought the tsarist army during the Confederation of Bar, and then in the uprising Kościuszko. Mansion underwent reconstructions, including in the nineteenth century, a wooden outbuilding and probably the wooden floor in the Swiss style, but generally there is no detailed information. The last private owner was a Jewish family Wallach. After the war, the area court took over the Agricultural Production Cooperative New Way of Czudec. Now he stands abandoned. Manor has an irregular shape because of the extensions, dostawionych during reconstructions.

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Old mansion of Wallach | URBEX

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