Forte Da Meia Praia, Lagos, Portugal

The Forte Da Meia Praia is an abandoned renaissance fort on the famous sandy beach at Lagos, Portugal.
The fort was built circa 1670 by Nuno da Cunha e Ataíde, the Nationalist revolutionary and first Count of Pontével who helped Portugal earn independence from Spain in the 1640s. He was also the last Count of Pontével, as his family died off without issue and so the title was given away.
The fort was guarding the eastern approaches to Lagos : the Sao Roque beach (today’s Meia Praia) and the mouth of Ribeira Da Carrapateira , a now lost river : both strategic locations for attackers wishing to invest the city of Lagos. These would have been Barbary Pirates, Privateers funded from the many enemies of Portugal, and especially the French, with their long term ambitions in the Iberian peninsula. The fort would have coordinated cannon fire from its gun platform with its sister forts at the port of Lagos , creating a deadly field of crossfire in the immediate sea region.
In the end, it wasn’t the enemy, but rather a major earthquake in 1755 that got the fort. You can still some of the damage in the video. You can also see the fort facilities, a barracks with fireplace, storage areas, a water well, and an incline to pull cannon on the platform along the ramparts.
Today, this is a heritage protected, if abandoned, site. Recent efforts to turn it into a viable small cafe-bar business have failed. It is a pleasant and very easy explore in Lagos, so much that I was able to take my 10-year-old son with me, and he enjoyed this mini-urbex massively. This is also the first video he shot as a cameraman. All the exciting walks and tours I offer on my site are pleasant and reasonably accessible for guests of all age groups and all levels of experience !

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Forte Da Meia Praia, Lagos, Portugal

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