A Brief Archaeology of Tappoch Broch, Torwood, Falkirk, Scotland

A trip around Tappoch Broch, also known as Torwood Broch, in the village of Torwood, near Falkirk, Scotland. I explain some of the archaeology as I go around. It’s attributed to Iron Age if you subscribe to the three age system. The original site report from the 1868 excavation is here: nothing else has been written up since; do be aware that report will be written from a culture-historical point of view.
To archaeologists, it is so obvious that it goes without saying (but I’m going to anyway, because most of my viewers are non-archaeologists) that this is not a scientific survey or other processualist interpretation of the brochs, if anything I’d have to say phenomenological, I did intentionally avoid discussing who might have lived here and what sort of activities they would have carried out because we just don’t know, and without any compelling evidence to base such interpretations on, I don’t see the point in speculating, it gets really old hearing “and Early Man did this, that and the other; we know because it fits with the stories we made up about him, and this building PROVES all Early Men were firefighters.” But at the same time, we can say what is most likely to have happened.

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A Brief Archaeology of Tappoch Broch, Torwood, Falkirk, Scotland

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