Abandoned Borders College…..📗……Galashiels Scotland 2018

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Abandoned Borders College 2018.
These buildings have been empty since the Borders College transferred all functions in April 2009 from this site at Melrose Road to the new campus at Netherdale.
According to the framework for redevelopment of the 1.93 hectare (4.77 acres) site in the Scottish Borders Local Plan and Planning Brief, these buildings could be converted into flats with new houses built on the remaining area of the campus site. The original house on this site, which was sealed and we couldn’t gain access is called Oaklea, was converted into a school for Galashiels Academy in 1910 with extensions built over the years before the academy moved to a new school in the Gala House Policies in 1964.
The site was used by Galashiels Technical College after the academy moved to the new school and then by Borders College from 1984 to 2009.
Urban Exploring is dangerous and I do not advise entering abandoned places
I explore these places so you don’t have too, to make video documents of history for history.
The Code for urban exploring “Don’t break or take.” It’s not a crime to explore abandoned places, real urban explorers only ever take photos and video and leave only footprints we never break into an abandonedment and we never take anything or move anything in an abandonedment, trespass is a civil offence otherwise we could get the milkman arrested for trespass, his only doing his job and we ( urban explorers ) are only doing ours, documenting history today which will be gone tomorrow.
Urban exploring has given me a deep passion for historical buildings, we are losing them faster than skittles in a bowling ally due to greed and corruption from our lovely public servants who work for the interests of big business and not the people whom they suck the blood through tax like parasites living very expensive life styles.
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Abandoned Borders College…..📗……Galashiels Scotland 2018

EN.- Urban exploration is usually about exploring areas away from urban centers, industrial zones, or abandoned areas. But also for ancient ruins and areas impossible to access, everything depends on each explorer.

ES.- La exploración urbana normalmente se trata de la exploración de zonas alejadas de los núcleos urbanos, zonas industriales, o abandonadas. Pero también por ruinas antiguas y zonas imposibles de acceder, todo depende de cada explorador.

Urbexvideos.eu es la exploración urbana llevada a tu pantalla ! Disfruta de todos los videos de Urbex que existen en una misma página web y todo categorizado por zonas !

Saludos exploradores ! 😉

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