Abandoned Castle: Dundas, Beaverkill, Roscoe NY, insane history, 33 degree

The castle also known as the “Craig-E-Clair Castle is a name that came from a small town by the name of Craig-E-Clare in Scotland. The home was built between 1915 and 1924 and was supposedly modeled after a 15th century’s castle in Scotland, located near Edinburgh. Originally, this Dundas castles plot of land had summer a lodge and back in the days many lodges were masonic which are frequently visited by the Free Masons who would perform masonic rituals. This secret society has been known on certain days of the year like Halloween or walpurgissnacht to hold satanic luciferin rituals from their Luciferin colanders. This castles story gets crazier. In 1915, the New York architect Bradford Lee Gilbert was employed by Ralph Wurts-Dundas to build his castle. The famous architect was a driving force in the growing railroad industry and was also associated with the secret society that had names like James Hill, Jay and George Gould, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Edward Harriman, Collis P. Huntington, Rockefeller, Morgan and few more Illuminati members. Bradford Lee Gilberts the architect was famous for building the Tower Building which was New York City’s first skyscraper in 1888. This 12 story skyscraper was mysteriously torn down in 1914 because of mysterious financial reasons. While building the castle, R. W. Dundas’ wife and child would visit the castle construction site frequently to observe its construction.. The castle was never finish and the Dundas family never moved in because in 1921 R.W. Dundas died or may have even been murdered? We will never know. What was interesting, was right after his death several doctors who had some interest in the Dundas fortune committed his late wife Muriel Harmer Wurts-Dundas to a mental intuition which at that time had no national standards for psychiatric care. Back in those days they basically restrained patients for days and weeks at time. Many cases of rape, sexual molestation, rage beatings are not uncommon and still go on today. Even today, psychiatrist and phycologists are the number one sex abusers, and woman and child rappers in this country. These doctors have made up profession that virtually has no scientific justification, rape children, rape women who are drugged or restrained and then go home and have dinner with their families like nothing every happed. Later in the 1950’s psychiatric institutions experienced with LSD, electro shock, sleep deprivation, CIA mind control and even conducted over 80,000 known lobotomies one of which was done to John F Kennedy’s sister Rosemary Kennedy because she was slightly promiscuous and her father Joseph P. Kennedy was afraid she would might blemish the Kennedy name. While the late Dundas was living the rest of her life institutionalized, her only daughter Muriel was being raised by nannies and care takers in which time the 40 million dollar Dundas fortune was slow depleted. It makes you wonder, a dead millionaire, a committed wife from a potential fake diagnosis of mental illness and a child that had a 40 million dollar fortune which had the magical power of diapering. After the only child Muriel being basically robbed blind, her mental stability was also questioned, most probable to shut her up and she too was committed and placed in a sanatorium in England On May 2nd, 1949 . After this long chain of events, the caste was purchased by the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of the Masonic Order for $47,5000 and the masonic rituals most probably continued. Today the castle continued to sit empty at the top a mountain in Roscoe New York.
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Abandoned Castle: Dundas, Beaverkill, Roscoe NY, insane history, 33 degree

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