Abandoned Places Scotland – Castle Mental Asylum

As the trip continues I visit a deserted castle mansion that later became a mental hospital famous for abuse, neglect and torture. Disturbing events at the asylum included unnecessary overdrugging of patients, unethical human drug testing, beating of patients with bats, starvation, and a patient murdering a number of babies in the maternity ward. This collapsing asylum once housed 1300 patients and was shut down and has since sat unused and decaying in the UK countryside for the past 15 years.

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I am an Urban Explorer or “urbexer”, photographer and Youtube creator with an academic background and passion for history, Cultural Anthropology and English with a focus on Celtic Studies. I grew up in a creepy looking 1800s home that later became the abandoned “haunted house” of the town. In 2016 I made the decision to start photographing and capturing on video these abandoned locations that I explored until then as a hobby. My recent focus has been on once great mansions, asylums and lost places. Currently I travel across the US, UK and Ireland to allow you to experience these places through me. I hope you enjoy the journey as we shine a light upon these forgotten places.

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Abandoned Places Scotland – Castle Mental Asylum

EN.- Urban exploration is usually about exploring areas away from urban centers, industrial zones, or abandoned areas. But also for ancient ruins and areas impossible to access, everything depends on each explorer.

ES.- La exploración urbana normalmente se trata de la exploración de zonas alejadas de los núcleos urbanos, zonas industriales, o abandonadas. Pero también por ruinas antiguas y zonas imposibles de acceder, todo depende de cada explorador.

Urbexvideos.eu es la exploración urbana llevada a tu pantalla ! Disfruta de todos los videos de Urbex que existen en una misma página web y todo categorizado por zonas !

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