ACE-Aware Nation Conference – ACEs to Assets – James Docherty

A Scottish grassroots movement has set itself the goal of Making Scotland the World’s First ACE-Aware Nation. That was the title of a 2-day event held in Glasgow on 25th & 26th September 2018, attended by 2500 people from across the UK and beyond. Hosted by two independent organisations – TIGERS and connected baby – the event brought together some of the leading speakers in Scotland, with the aim of explaining why a focus on relationships is central to preventing and healing adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). The speakers’ collective voice was strengthened by the contribution of global ACEs campaigner, Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, of the Center for Youth Wellness in San Francisco, USA.

In this conference video, we hear from James Docherty, who speaks from the heart about lived experience of trauma. James has become a leading voice in the country, known for his compassion and insistence that our society must alter the way we treat people who are in prison, in care and/or coping with addiction. He shares with us not only insights into his personal story, but also the lessons he has learned about the power of vulnerability.

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ACE-Aware Nation Conference – ACEs to Assets – James Docherty

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