An unpleasant busking experience in Newcastle on 10th Nov 18

Interaction with High Viz starts at 12 minutes at approx 10.10pm and continues right up to the end. We are The Moot 2 female professional buskers from Scotland. It goes on for over an hour and includes intimidation, harassment and threats of police arrest. Newcastle is a city in the North East of England.
UPDATE 31.1.19
So we have had an eventful few months since the incident when we were busking in Newcastle on the 10th of November at 22.00hrs and we were approached by some members of the council, the events that unfolded that evening were unpleasant at best.

Following that incident, on the 23rd December 2018 We both received a summons each to Newcastle Magistrates Court. Clare for playing a loudspeaker after 9pm
Eryl for ‘Permitting’ Clare to play a loudspeaker after 9pm.
These charges were brought under the Control Of Pollution Act 1974.

The court date was set for 10th January 2019. It was only at the start of January that we were able to make contact with a solicitor that was able to help.

Solicitors, Janice and Sophie from David Gray in Newcastle have been fabulous. They researched the information available, they managed to get the original court date adjourned until today 31st Jan and attempted to negotiate with the council. That unfortunately was not successful.
So today Sophie attended court on our behalf. She entered a plea of Guilty for Clare (as by the letter of the Law Clare was playing the amp after 9pm.) however Sophie backed up Clare’s guilty plea, with Letters from many of you and some personal references, along with mitigation about the nights events that was put forward by our solicitor.
Sophie entered a plea of Not Guilty for Eryl.

Today’s Result.

The Magistrates ruled in Clare’s case today as she pleaded guilty, Their ruling was an Absolute Discharge and because she plead guilty Clare also has £85 costs to pay however she will NOT have a Criminal Record.

Eryl’s trial is set for 4th April where she will defend herself against the charges brought by Newcastle Council.

We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout this. But also a huge Thank you to everyone who sent letters of support to the court.

Footage taken from Facebook:
UPDATE 14/12/18- The Facebook video was removed without explanation after we had submitted our complaint to Newcastle City Council. Youtube sent us an email giving us the opportunity to edit the video due to a privacy complaint at 16.58 which we have done.

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An unpleasant busking experience in Newcastle on 10th Nov 18

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