Driving on a haunted highway at night : A75 in Scotland

Video taken of me driving in the early hours through a supposedly haunted stretch of the A75 highway in southern Scotland between Dumfries and Gretna Green.

The road including a 15 mile stretch known as the Kinmount Straight has over the years had many reported unexplained sightings as well as some unexplained accidents making it thought to be haunted while some people do not like to drive on it at night.
Often reported have been sightings of people,animals or vehicles appearing in the middle of the road only to disappear just before impact, or other unusual sightings on the road at night.

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In this video I drive around half way along the kinmount straight then stop the car to briefly get out and film before heading off.

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Driving on a haunted highway at night : A75 in Scotland

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