EASTEND (Abandoned Mansion) Our Haunted Scotland Project

This video represents a group of friends who take on the role as amateur paranormal investigators and urban explorers as they carry out a video blog investigation of, in this case, Eastend House in Thankerton, (Scotland), as they search for any evidence of a paranormal nature in this possibly haunted location. (Some events may be very funny, some are unexplained, however, what is seen on camera genuinely happened and isn’t faked!) Thanks for watching! Click ‘show more’ below for more info.

Our videos are what they are. The subject matter, music used, duration etc are all as we more or less like it. If anything isn’t to your taste, please try another channel and don’t give anyone a hard time. If you do like our videos however, great!… and subscribe for future uploads.

PLEASE NOTE: Our videos represent ‘our personal’ experience at the locations visited and do not state that others visiting the same location will share a similar impression. We also wish to point out that our ‘approach’ is not the most scientific and professional means of investigating the paranormal. Each to their own. Where a derelict building is present in the video: we have entered at our own risk! Civil trespass, also known as “simple” trespass, is not a criminal offence in the U.K., particularly in Scotland. Should you be asked to leave, do so in a civil manner and never damage any building or property in order to gain access. Police will get involved if there’s a possibility that a criminal offense has been committed such as refusal to leave, fire or theft etc. We are of course not responsible for those who, after watching any of our videos, get into bother by visiting any of the places we’ve been to.

We are not stating or trying to prove the existence of ghosts and such like, nor are we aiming to change your personal beliefs, but are asking, ‘Do You Believe?’ in the slightest possibility, that should you explore somewhere allegedly haunted, is there something to it?…
Thanks for watching!


Music by Midnight Syndicate
Gothic, Paranormal, Horror, Fantasy Music
~Soundtracks for the Imagination~

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Birds eye view of location copyright Google Maps 2013.

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EASTEND (Abandoned Mansion) Our Haunted Scotland Project

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