Exploring Old Abandoned Farm House In Scotland

An old abandoned farm house in Scotland with a ghostly sighting that I witnessed many years ago near where this house stands, I had even spoken to the police at the time for what I had seen. There was what we believed a young boy that had run in front of my car very late one night in heavy snow. The police advised that it was probably a deer or some other animal. My friend and I both saw the same thing which had happened in a split second and we even went to investigate and call out for whoever was there. We noticed that there were no footprints in the snow and we wondered how a small person could climb such a fence into the bargain. We freaked out and left rather quickly to the lights of the farm house in this video. At that time the house was still a working farm, We knocked on the door to alert the owners of our sighting but had got no answer which left us very concerned and baffled. Recently I spoke with a paranormal investigator about what we saw all those years ago and she told me that there has been similar sightings from other people over the years within the same area which I would love to investigate further one day…

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Exploring Old Abandoned Farm House In Scotland

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