Fife Fever Hospital, Thornton, Fife

Today was our visit to the abandoned and dilapidated Thornton Fever Hospital in Thornton, Fife, Scotland.

Thornton Fever Hospital was opened in 1902 as a fever isolation hospital treating patients with meningitis, diphtheria, scarlet fever etc. It was stretched to its capacity in 1903 with the Fifeshire typhoid epidemic. –

It was subsequently used as a mental health institution for children known as Strathmore Hospital.

In December 1964 the mental health sub committee of the hospital board advised that a new hospital was to be built in Dunfermline by 1967 rendering Strathmore Hospital obsolete.
In 1965 an engineer’s report stated that the property was in need of drastic repair in regards to heating, sanitary fittings, decoration and incineration, however no work appears to have been carried out and patients remained there until transfer to Dunfermline in 1967.

The building remained empty from 1967 – 1970 and was then purchased by Mr Taylor Bryant of Edinburgh who with no formal qualifications, opened a children’s home for boys with mental,and social disorders known as Corsbie Hall School.

An extract from Local MP at the time (Mr William Hamilton) makes for interesting reading and a sad story and I’ve attached the link here –

In July 1972 Mr Bryant was declared bankrupt and disappeared for several years. The school then closed.

After that dates get vague. The former matron’s house was used as a hotel in the 70s known as Corsbie Hall Hotel and then in the 80s/90s an unregistered care home known as Fosterton Firs took over the area.

Lastly the area was used by Strathmore Plant Hire to store vehicles etc.

Planning permission was given to restore the former lodge and turn the hospital dwellings in to flats in 2009 whilst preserving the integrity of the lodge house however fire damage to the main matron’s house may have halted proceedings. Either way the property continues to deteriorate.

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Fife Fever Hospital, Thornton, Fife

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