Abandoned Untouched Hillside Hotel w/ Story

Beautiful abandoned hotel hidden at the top of the mountain. It’s untouched, everything’s still inside and it feels like it was abandoned yesterday.
I decided to share a short story about life decisions.

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Nádherný opustený hotel schovaný v horách. Je nedotknutý, stále plne zariadený, čo vytvára pocit, ako by bol opustený len včera.
Rozhodol som sa ho dopniť o príbeh, ktorý je životných rozhodnutiach.

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The Dark Pirate Stories travels around the world in search of abandoned places and doesn’t take anything from the places, only pictures and with the highest respect to all locations.
All locations are being kept a secret.
The Dark Pirate Stories only walk inside a deserted place if there is a natural access /without spoiling anything to come in/.


Music: Aakash Gandhi – Twinkle in the Night

All rights to the video material belong to The Dark Pirate Stories.
The Dark Pirate Stories do not claim ownership/copyright of the music used in this video.

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Abandoned Untouched Hillside Hotel w/ Story

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