Exploring Kotor’s Abandoned Hotel Fjord (at Night!) – Urban Exploration [4K]

Road signs still point towards Hotel Fjord. The hotel was once one of the most luxurious hotels in Montenegro and was open for 20 years (1986-2006). Hotel Fjord used to be the most visible structure in Kotor, conceived and built during the Yugoslav period. The building is constructed mostly of concrete, designed by the Bosnian architect Zlatko Ugljen.

When the hotel was opened, 155 rooms were available with facilities such as an indoor swimming pool and restaurant. At the end of the Balkan war, the tourist industry was declining and amidst problems with staff the hotel was on the verge of being shutdown. Allegedly, The previous owner up until 2005 was an infamous mafioso who was brutally killed with a gunshot to the head.

In 2006 an Irish investment banker, Michael Fingleton, bought the hotel for €5 million with plans to develop the site into a 5 star luxury resort. 2 years later the European economic collapse resulted in Mr. Fingleton being forced to resign. The hotel then lay abandoned for 12 years, a constant blight in the picturesque old city of Kotor, a UNESCO world heritage site. The site deteriorated quickly as vandals and vagrants exploited the building.

Fingleton continued to promise the redevelopment would occur and that plans had been bogged down in disputes between partners and creditors. Allegations of shady and illegal practices began to surface involving money laundering and corruption. The Montenegrin authorities began an investigation requesting financial reports for the purchase of the hotel which produced concerning evidence.

By 2018, the once glorious seafront hotel was an unsightly concrete shell, veiled in graffiti, carpeted in broken glass and litter with water pouring through the ceilings. After 12 years, the demolition of hotel Fjord was finally approved to the delight of locals.

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Exploring Kotor’s Abandoned Hotel Fjord (at Night!) – Urban Exploration [4K]

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