Cold War bunker in Sweden

In a Europe recovering from WWII and learning from Hiroshima and Nagasaki it soon became clear that a consequence of the Cold War was an increased risk of use of Nuclear bombs against Sweden.

Besides launching a Swedish nuclear bomb development program (later discontinued) a massive civil defence program initiated the construction of 19.078 bomb shelters between 1950 and 1961. The bomb shelters had an average capacity of 100 people. Besides Switzerland no other country in Europe had such a capacity providing shelter for people like Sweden.

When a threat of a nuclear attack would become close – the citizens would be evacuated to the countryside while the Civil Defence was organised and led from bunkers like this one: “A71 Skyddsrum S:t Jörgens Park”.

This is a 300 square meter Command bunker in two floors with self sufficient power supply, air supply including filters dealing with nuclear fallout, kitchen, dining area, toilets, showers, command centre, switchboard, communication equipment and sleeping facilities. It was estimated that this was enough for keeping the crew going for about 14 days.

The bunker was fully operational until 1990. It was later rented by “Föreningen Ung Kultur i Lund” which somewhat can be seen from the graffiti on some walls. At some stage later the bunker had a break-in and was heavily vandalised. Copper thieves have also removed some of the heavy cables connected to the power supply system.

It will be close to impossible to reactivate the bunker. Instead it is now a reminder of a Cold War not too long ago that today seem to be back in a different form.

Thanks to Serviceförvaltningen, Lunds Kommun (Municipal of Lund) for guiding and letting us film on location.

Music by Epidemic sound:
“Lonely piano 4” & “Pianos left behind 7”, Merlean.
“Sparks”, Bill Ferngren

Equipment: Sony A7s mkII, Sony E 10-18 f/4, Rotolight Neo2 set to 4400k and 1%

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Cold War bunker in Sweden

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