Sweden’s Forgotten Car Cemetery

Deep in the heart of Sweden, is a car cemetery. For many years cars were brought here after they had given up the ghost. Now they haunt this place. Take a look.

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More Interesting facts about Sweden’s Car Cemetary

– Buried deep in a forest in Båstnäs, Sweden, is a car graveyard over half a century old.
– Hundreds of cars from the 1950s and 60s litter the forest floor.
– It’s a former scrapyard, turned cemetery – owned by two reclusive brothers.
– They don’t mind tourists and photographers passing through, but they leave a message for would-be thieves…
– “If you get hurt or die I don’t care, remember in this place no one can hear you scream.”
– Many of these long-forgotten vehicles were dumped in the scrapyard in the wake of WWII.
– Some belonged to US soldiers who left Europe after the war.
– The old scrapyard is estimated to be worth over $100,000 USD.
– Finding this hidden gem takes some work.
– It takes a journey of around 7 hours (from where? Stockholm?) to reach this eerie wonderland.
– Inside, vintage Audis, Saabs, and Fords sit covered in moss, dirt, and tree roots,.
– In some cases, fully developed trees have grown through the cars.
– The cars are slowly being reclaimed by nature.

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Sweden’s Forgotten Car Cemetery

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