Abandoned 18th Century Large Country House – Switzerland

Hi to all fellow urban explorers, and urban exploration devotees.
Grab a coffee & some nibblies, because this time it’s quite a long video (at least by my standards)
The reason being, I didn’t care/dare to edit out very much of this lovely country house; it had such a dreamy, gentle energy to it….really one of my favourites. A feel-good exploration.
I hope you enjoy my little added ‘atmosphère’ in certain parts of the exploration; but aside from that little ‘divertissement’, we did actually hear unexplained noises in the house. While we were downstairs, we heard definite sounds of heavy movement upstairs, and when we went upstairs, the sounds started downstairs….certainly made us stop in our tracks a few times!
We knew we were the only people in the place, no-one could have wandered in, as the whole property is tightly secured.
Saying that, I really had the feeling that the house welcomed us, that it wanted company & laughter again, wanted the smell of fresh baking and candle lit Christmas trees.
There was an old lady who spent her entire life here. I remember seeing her over the years, pottering around outside with her plants. In the end she lived in only a few rooms downstairs (the one with the big ceramic oven & table, and the other with the bed in it.) …this was probably because the upper floors were becoming uninhabitable. Such devotion to a house that had no modern conveniences like an indoor bathroom or flush toilet., or modern central heating. I can understand that devotion, because I would definitely rather live here, than in some modern soulless box. (a feeling most certainly not shared by her surviving relatives)
This old lady was once a young lady and surrounded by her kin, and I could imagine this warm & loving energy being soaked up by the very walls…it’s still there today.
It’s the final sleep for this ‘Landhaus’ – no one seems prepared to invest the considerable money it would take, to bring it back to it’s former glory – a fact I find most saddening.
Sorry for the long missive, but I felt this place deserved it.
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Music: Fatal Lullaby by Adrian von Ziegler

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Abandoned 18th Century Large Country House – Switzerland

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