Jamie Donnelly of TBCS Mountain of Alphubel Climbing Challenge and Expedition

Jamie Donnelly’s Challenge and Expedition to climb up to the Summit of Alphubel, which is at an elevation of 4206 Meters, Which is of the Swiss Pennine Alps, in Switzerland on the 15th of September 2017, was a successful Expedition, Jamie Began the Challenge at 7:15am in the morning at sunset with his Climbing companion Danny Stoffel, the Expedition began from mittel-allalin which is in Saas Fee in Switzerland, Jamie reached the Summit of Alphubel at around 12:15pm, Jamie and his companion were Climbing and hiking on the glacier on an angle of 35 degrees for up to 4 to 5 hours, the challenge was physically and mentally demanding but enjoyable with Beautiful views throughout the Expedition, the temperature was -9 throughout the hole challenge, to begin with, there were gusts of wind reaching up to 35 Mph which also created a wind chill factor, but as they Hiked around Alphubel, the mountain protected them from the wind, as they became more exposed there were gusts of wind reaching 35 Mph throughout the Day, One hour in to the challenge when Jamie was warmed up and energised, hi felt no nerve or fear as a result of his focus and adrenaline, they were climbing around Crevasses which were 50 Meters deep, at one stage Jamie had to climb up a ladder which was about 15 meters long over a 50-meter deep crevasse, also at one stage Jamie fell down a small Crevasse, but hi stopped him self from falling through as a result of his reflex action holding on to the edge, Jamie was helped out of the crevasse by his climbing companion Danny Stoffel with the aid of his rope, to help get him back up out of the Crevasse, the slip got Jamie’s adrenaline to kick in immediately, as a result of this Jamie instantly became much more focused, faster and stronger in order to save himself, his survival instincts kicked in, Jamie also had to tactically Jump over a 50-meter-deep crevasse which was in his path, which was about half a meter long, when they got up on to the ridge, they began to climb for up to 1 hour on rocky cliffs, on many occasions on a vertical angle of 90 degrees, Whilst Jamie was climbing on the ridge, hi was enjoying the climb and it felt good, especially with the nice views, and weather,
The final climb up to the summit was a steep long climb, once Jamie reached the summit, there was a feeling of relief, then Jamie’s endorphins seemed to get released, When Jamie reached the Summit of Alphubel hi physically felt strong, but the air was thin at high altitude affected his performance slightly, on the Summit Jamie and his climbing companion were exposed to gusts of wind blowing at 35 mph also blowing snow around, this also created a wind chill factor, the gusts of wind made it difficult for Jamie to hold the Teddy Bear Children Support flag on to a suitable display as the wind was blowing the flag everywhere

The thin air played a large role in Jamie’s performance as hi was not quite a 100% acclimatised, even though Jamie conducted 3 days’ acclimatisation training before the challenge

The equipment Jamie used were Crampons, ice axe, rope and harness, walking poles, climbing boots, gloves, thermals and Sun Glasses to protect his eyes from Snow blindness, the Sun Glasses also prevented the 35mph wind from blowing Snow in to his eyes

Jamie was carrying around 15 kg of weight throughout the challenge, this challenge required a lot of fitness, focus, concentration, and mental determination,

Jamie Felt exhausted after the challenge, but after an hour’s rest, Jamie Made a good recovery

The weather conditions were perfect so the date was chosen correctly

The cold weather turned the bottled water in Jamie’s back pack in to icy water, which was rather nice, as Jamie got quite warm throughout the challenge, so the icy water helped to cool him down

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Jamie Donnelly of TBCS Mountain of Alphubel Climbing Challenge and Expedition

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