Simple Machining Projects & Vintage Watchmaking Tools – Shop Adventures 30

We machine some new hardened socket head cap screws in a small lathe for a Swiss made Levin Lathe chuck, refurbish 3 vintage watchmaker tools for the museum and we machine a brass slotted thin wall spacer for a new drill depth metric dial indicator for the Levin Micro-Drilling Attachment.

Precision Machining by Active Atom specialized in micro-machining


– YouTube Creator Shout Out
– We win a prize x 2
– Small lathe turns hardened screws for Swiss made Levin lathe chuck
– Watch tools refurbished for the museum
– Making a brass spacer for a dial indicator
– Patrick seeks outside help via YouTube



We are both equally thankful to have each won a cast hammer a specially made Petro Bond Hammers in oil sand. We will sample these gifts over time and share. These hammers made by Casey and MariSue gun historians and hammer makers.

Mature Patriot / 2 BUSTED THUMBS

Vernon has been with us near the beginning and we consider a good friend. Thanks to him for giving us the idea to do a drive through our area so people can see the environment around us.


Robin Renzetti provides a wealth of information on machining.


Patrick takes to a micro lathe and turns 3 factory hardened heads down for three socket head cap screws so they fit into the counterbored holes of a Levin Swiss made 3 jaws chuck mounting plate attached to a collet holder for the Levin Instrument Lathe.

Patrick reached out to see a post he remembered from Robin Renzetti on Instagram who is also a great YouTube creator to use a surface finishing process called Bright Boy and Cratex Sticks. Wwe share within the video our results and in relation to the watchmaker and micro-machining world their limitations but this was the best solution for the application of our 3 reduced heads slipping into the counter sunk bores of the lathe chuck mounting plate.


Lance finalizes 3 additional vintage watchmaker tools to join the watch gear tooth straighten tool previously completed during our last show. We finalized the re-pivot tool, the bezel set tool and the depthing too,l bringing our current museum collection of refurbished to specification and in full working order watchmaker tools to 4.

This museum build is just the beginning and we are very proud of this start shared by Patrick along with Lance.


Patrick discovers that a brand new German made indicator mounting shaft is smaller in diameter then the imperial one that it will be replacing, one we had been using for decades so was in need of replacement as well as this is a conversion to metric on our Micro-Drill accessory. This dial indicator is to set and then control the depth of the precision holes being drilled.

This upgrade is not a deal breaker, just a challenge so he machines a piece of brass rod into a round sleeve bushing on the “Machine Shop” lathe. Hhe then cuts a slit or groove into this brass bushing on a bench top 4 Axis CNC Mill Machine so it can be installed in between the Levin Micro-Drill indicator mounting bracket hole and the dial indicator mounting shaft.


We refurbish STARS to the show, about a half a dozen various Levin lathe chucks as need to look their best for our coming product machining and assembly build of “The Perfected Product”.

How is Active Atom powered? We show this for the first time.

The Grinding Hut for parts finishing gets an update status.

Educational Pullouts Precision Spindle Rebuild Series.

Viewer requests a Road Trip so a trip up between some geological formations across some tectonic plates and many loose rocks and we arrive at lunch in an obscure location, it is in order.


Lance Conway & Patrick Lara


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Simple Machining Projects & Vintage Watchmaking Tools – Shop Adventures 30

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